#1. Revamp the will since we’ve had extra children and haven’t bothered to do so.

#2. Figure out how to pay the medical bills for all the extra things that have occurred the past two months ( my breast biopies and my husband’s concussion/cracked ribs – totalled car as a result, too). .

#3. Rebuild the dock because it freaks me out.

(can I add a 4th – but I’m a woman so it’s a must do – get the money together to replace the living room furniture because I’m officially done entertaining until the walls are repainted, the sofa is replace, and I have a new area carpet and tables. I’ve been hanging in heer for 9 years and I’m officially DONE!!!!).

I think most of you know

I make custom coasters, trivets, and so on in a home-base business. My question relates to this so if you’re not interested, just hit delete!! Laughing out loud

I have a friend from church who has made an odd design request for a set of coasters. As you may have seen from visiting my website or facebook page, I start with travertine or marble 4″x4″ tiles and my coasters have designs on them. This customer wants blank coasters, that is …. no designs on them at all.

This is just totally strange to me. I have never even thought about this as an option. I feel it is almost like cheating a customer by not spending time applying a design to the coasters. I spend time coming up with designs and trying to choose good colors and so on.

So my question is this …. do I fulfill this order as requested? If so, since I am not applying a design but just putting felt on the bottom, do I charge the same price? FYI … Normally I charge locals $20 per set of 4 coasters from illinoiscashhelp.com online payday loans in Illinois.

I think:

1. stay focused on our financial goals – we go a little bit with ups and downs on this. Sometimes, we are super focused and then we get busy and are less diligent about it. I am not sure the best way to do this. It seems to be a mindset thing.
2. Expand my ebay business. I need to do some research about the best way to do this, but if I can increase this second income, it will make number 3 more doable.
3. pay off 50 percent of credit card debt. That amounts to about 20 thousand. Staying with the snowball should get us there as long as Murphy stays away.

Number 3 I worry some about because my recent whiplash injury seems to also be a shoulder injury. I think that I may have a tear that will need surgery and then weeks and weeks of physical therapy – that is a lot of medical costs. I do have insurance, but copays add up.

I thought I had responded to this but it looks like I haven’t, so here goes

Goal 1
I want to figure out more in depth my business plan (my niche) and goals for my coaster business. To get started I am going to read two Dan Miller books recommended by DR:
48 Days to the Work You Love
No More Dreaded Mondays

Obviously the first one will take about two months to get through if I work on it every day. I am not sure which one to start with though or if I should work on both at the same time. If anyone here has read both, I’d like to hear your recommendation. I have joined Dan’s community online to look for a recommendation but I am still a overwhelmed by all the info there. My goal at this moment is to be through with both books by February 28th.

Goal 2
I want to set up a weekly schedule for my coaster/trivet business. You know, do “this type thing” on Monday, for example do bookkeeping tasks. Do “that type thing” on Tuesday, such as marketing/advertising, etc. On Wednesday, do ______ tasks. My deadline for having a trial schedule is December 31. I know I will probably have to tweak it and I plan on having a weekly schedule I can live with for the time being by the end of January.

Goal 3
The first two goals will help me work on goal 3. My third goal is to clear $200 per month 12 months a year. This is easier to accomplish during craft show season and in December due to Christmas. The issue is getting sales up enough the rest of the year to meet this goal. I will develop a contact/resource list of individual customers, wholesale opportunities, internet opportunities, and craft shows. I will use this list to make cold calls (phone or in person) and send in applications to create opportunities to sell my creations. This goal of getting sales to $200/month and the contact/resource list really seems like 2 goals but I need the contacts to increase the opportunities for sales. Does this seem logical or illogical to y’all?

I am also interested in face to face networking with other people doing crafts, but also self-employed people in general. I am not sure how to find people who are already meeting in my area. It is not a metropolis here. I am not even sure Meet Up is still in existence. I will go there first and see if there is anything. I just want to find others to brainstorm with and to find encouragement. BTW, if any of y’all are interested in FB group or another yahoo group or know of one in existence, let me know.

These are my goals for now. I know as I accomplish these I’ll come up with more.

Well you all pretty well know my #1

1.Be free of CC debit by July 1, 2014

2.Go to WDW on a cash only basis and have a huge good time to celebrate the end of the cc debt—date variable upon the completion of the cc debt pay off.

3.This one is the toughy—pay off the first mortgage by Dec 31, 2014. We still owe about $38,000 on that and the first six months of “extra” money is already claimed.

Michel goals:

1. Payoff the water bill, and once current, not fall behind again in 2014.

2. Payoff my last student loan (only about $1,500 left), then roll over that payment to my car.n ( too bad DH has $60,000 in student loans left after that)

3. Be content no matter the circumstances. In hey ears past, we’ve spent too much time tying our happiness to our financial circumstances and trying to keep up with our friends (we still have friends think we’re crazy for not even having a netflix account). My goal is to be joyful, generous with others and not fill our house with random crap we don’t need. :)

My goals:

1. pay off the doctor from my husband’s surgery, about $700, (we don’t have the exact amount yet); to be completed by the end of June 2014
2. pay ourselves back the $900 we took from our ER fund a couple of months ago; to be done by January 25th, 2014
3. start AND keep a daily food journal so I can see if there is a correlation between what I am eating and my anxiety attacks.; this will be ongoing

Gas savings

We’ve racked up 900 miles on the scooter since we got it 3 weeks ago. 99% of that has been in commuting my kids to and from work.

We have spent $44 in gas for it.

I realized the yesterday that those 900 miles would have gone on the 4Runner, which gets 12 miles to the gallon.

That would have come to 75 gallons of gas, or $300. Less the scooter gas money, a savings of $256.

Now granted, we spent $1300 on the scooter. But I would have spent that same $1300 in another 6 weeks on gas in the 4Runner. In 7 weeks or so, I’ll have saved enough in gas costs to “pay back” the cost of the scooter and from then on, it we will be breathing a bit freer.